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Found 1267 results for log2(Irr24h/Irr0h) >= 1 and fdr <= 0.05. Showing entries 1-20.

Graph Cluster Transcripts Mean logCPM Classification Smed/Human type Human gene Annotation
1. MligTC453_29284 Mlig088348.g1, Mlig014859.g3 14.75

Mlig088348.g1 {REF} {Length: 432} {MligTC453_29284}

Mlig014859.g3 {REF} {Length: 5529} {MligTC453_29284} {rRNA: 28s_rRNA,euk, score=3195.3} {RNA1509_1, RNA1509_14085, RNA1509_14576, RNA1509_1996, RNA1509_2014, RNA1509_43189, RNA1509_83}
2. MligTC453_48576 Mlig056963.g3 11.49 Xins; Sexual_biased ALKBH3 Mlig056963.g3 {REF} {Length: 14609} {MligTC453_48576} {rRNA: 18s_rRNA,euk, score=1288.3} {Pfam: 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily [PF13532.6, score=74.4]; 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily [PF03171.20, score=21.1]} {Human: ENSG00000166199, ALKBH3, alkB homolog 3, alpha-ketoglutaratedependent dioxygenase, [Score=100, Expect=2e-22]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000040174, Alkbh3, alkB homolog 3, alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase, [Score=99.4, Expect=2e-22]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_7441_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_7441_0_1, [Score=82.4, Expect=7e-17]} {RNA1509_11238, RNA1509_12443, RNA1509_3, RNA1509_8366, RNA1509_9793} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.362843.0]}
3. MligTC453_48574 Mlig007116.g12 11.47 Mlig007116.g12 {REF} {Length: 2821} {MligTC453_48574} {NoTransDecoderORF} {rRNA: 18s_rRNA,euk, score=1343.6} {RNA1509_1482, RNA1509_3}
4. MligTC453_46787 Mlig017551.g5, Mlig017551.g3 11.25

Mlig017551.g5 {REF} {Length: 635} {MligTC453_46787} {RNA1509_19267, RNA1509_19639, RNA1509_24892, RNA1509_26026, RNA1509_26984, RNA1509_39274, RNA1509_42125, RNA1509_4287, RNA1509_50, RNA1509_57, RNA1509_6481, RNA1509_7128, RNA1509_7208}

Mlig017551.g3 {REF} {Length: 825} {MligTC453_46787} {RNA1509_12716, RNA1509_24892, RNA1509_33982}
5. MligTC453_46785 Mlig072744.g1 10.32 Mlig072744.g1 {REF} {Length: 795} {MligTC453_46785} {RNA1509_24892, RNA1509_43739}
6. MligTC453_47671 Mlig008601.g1 9.72 Sexual_biased Mlig008601.g1 {REF} {Length: 4417} {MligTC453_47671} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_23342_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_23342_0_1, [RH, Score=57.4, Expect=5e-12]} {RNA1509_340, RNA1509_35113, RNA1509_38877} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.83600.0]}
7. MligTC453_20545 Mlig026053.g1 9.29 Xins; Asexual_biased; repression CTSV Mlig026053.g1 {REF} {Length: 1968} {MligTC453_20545} {Pfam: Papain family cysteine protease [PF00112.23, score=288.5]; Cathepsin propeptide inhibitor domain (I29) [PF08246.12, score=55.1]; Peptidase C1-like family [PF03051.15, score=27.5]} {Human: ENSG00000136943, CTSV, cathepsin V, [RH, Score=357, Expect=5e-123]; ENSG00000135047, CTSL, cathepsin L, [RH, Score=355, Expect=3e-122]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000021477, Ctsl, cathepsin L, [RH, Score=348, Expect=2e-119]; ENSMUSG00000042243, BC051665, cDNA sequence BC051665, [RH, Score=335, Expect=1e-114]; ENSMUSG00000056728, Ctsll3, cathepsin L-like 3, [RH, Score=332, Expect=3e-113]} {Dmel: FBgn0013770, Cp1, Cysteine proteinase-1, [Score=358, Expect=2e-123]} {Celegans: WBGene00000776, cpl-1, CathePsin L family, [RH, Score=335, Expect=1e-114]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_48_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_48_0_1, [RH, Score=427, Expect=3e-151]} {RNA1509_124} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Asexual_biased [CUFF.359663.0]} {SMEDTYPE: repression [none]}
8. MligTC453_05322 Mlig021791.g2 9.18 Gut; Xins HPGDS Mlig021791.g2 {REF} {Length: 1344} {MligTC453_05322} {TRANSSPLICED} {Pfam: Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain [PF14497.6, score=61.7]; Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain [PF02798.20, score=30.5]; Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain [PF00043.25, score=22.5]} {Human: ENSG00000163106, HPGDS, hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase, [RH, Score=104, Expect=2e-27]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000029919, Hpgds, hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase, [RH, Score=90.5, Expect=2e-22]} {Celegans: WBGene00001759, gst-11, Glutathione S-Transferase, [Score=98.2, Expect=1e-25]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_20_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_20_0_1, [Score=176, Expect=4e-56]} {RNA1509_1453, RNA1509_20209, RNA1509_21721, RNA1509_2315, RNA1509_2503, RNA1509_26173, RNA1509_28962, RNA1509_31321, RNA1509_52612} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_20_0_1, glutathione S transferase-1]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
9. MligTC453_50345 Mlig007552.g3 8.83 Mlig007552.g3 {REF} {Length: 4902} {MligTC453_50345} {RNA1509_246, RNA1509_50041}
10. MligTC453_62039 Mlig015241.g1 8.8 AHCY Mlig015241.g1 {REF} {Length: 2026} {MligTC453_62039} {Pfam: S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase [PF05221.17, score=452.5]; S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase, NAD binding domain [PF00670.21, score=268.4]; D-isomer specific 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain [PF02826.19, score=34.5]; Acetohydroxy acid isomeroreductase, NADPH-binding domain [PF07991.12, score=26.1]; Putative NAD(P)-binding [PF13241.6, score=19.9]} {Human: ENSG00000101444, AHCY, adenosylhomocysteinase, [RH, Score=683, Expect=0.0]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000048087, Gm4737, predicted gene 4737, [RH, Score=676, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000027597, Ahcy, S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase, [RH, Score=676, Expect=0.0]} {Dmel: FBgn0014455, Ahcy, Adenosylhomocysteinase, [RH, Score=717, Expect=0.0]} {Celegans: WBGene00019322, ahcy-1, Adenosylhomocysteinase, [RH, Score=723, Expect=0.0]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_526_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_526_0_1, [RH, Score=743, Expect=0.0]} {RNA1509_1247, RNA1509_1422, RNA1509_1799, RNA1509_255}
11. MligTC453_47120 Mlig025839.g6, Mlig037707.g27 8.62 Neural (both ciliated and non-ciliated); Xins TPPP

Mlig025839.g6 {REF} {Length: 299} {MligTC453_47120} {RNA1509_40864}

Mlig037707.g27 {REF} {Length: 2987} {MligTC453_47120} {Pfam: p25-alpha [PF05517.12, score=123.9]} {Human: ENSG00000171368, TPPP, tubulin polymerization promoting protein, [Score=84.0, Expect=9e-20]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000021573, Tppp, tubulin polymerization promoting protein, [Score=82.8, Expect=1e-19]; ENSMUSG00000008813, Tppp2, tubulin polymerization-promoting protein family member 2, [Score=79.3, Expect=1e-18]} {Dmel: FBgn0266417, ringer, ringmaker, [Score=62.4, Expect=3e-12]} {Celegans: WBGene00016321, tppp-1, Tubulin polymerization-promoting protein homolog, [Score=69.7, Expect=4e-15]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_650_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_650_0_1, [RH, Score=175, Expect=1e-56]} {RNA1509_18104, RNA1509_2333, RNA1509_310, RNA1509_31624} {SMEDTYPE: Neural (both ciliated and non-ciliated) [dd_Smed_v6_650_0_1, tubulin polymerization-promoting protein family member 3 (TPPP3)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
12. MligTC453_43197 Mlig024341.g3 8.52 Gut; Xins; Sexual_biased AC099489.1 Mlig024341.g3 {REF} {Length: 12549} {MligTC453_43197} {Pfam: Lipoprotein amino terminal region [PF01347.22, score=126.0]; Domain of unknown function (DUF1943) [PF09172.11, score=96.2]; von Willebrand factor type D domain [PF00094.25, score=26.9]} {Human: ENSG00000188897, AC099489.1, vitellogenin, [Score=65.5, Expect=2e-09]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000020609, Apob, apolipoprotein B, [Score=57.4, Expect=5e-07]} {Dmel: FBgn0087002, apolpp, apolipophorin, [Score=77.0, Expect=4e-13]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_636_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_636_0_1, [Score=145, Expect=3e-34]} {RNA1509_19} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_636_0_1, apolipoprotein B (APOB)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.234108.0]}
13. MligTC453_45976 Mlig027932.g1 8.21 Gamma neoblasts; Xins ACTG1 Mlig027932.g1 {REF} {Length: 1596} {MligTC453_45976} {Pfam: Actin [PF00022.19, score=428.5]} {Human: ENSG00000184009, ACTG1, actin gamma 1, [Score=644, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000075624, ACTB, actin beta, [Score=642, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000159251, ACTC1, actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1, [Score=624, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000107796, ACTA2, actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta, [Score=623, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000163017, ACTG2, actin, gamma 2, smooth muscle, enteric, [Score=623, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000169067, ACTBL2, actin, beta like 2, [Score=620, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000143632, ACTA1, actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle, [Score=619, Expect=0.0]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000062825, Actg1, actin, gamma, cytoplasmic 1, [Score=644, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000029580, Actb, actin, beta, [Score=642, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000068614, Actc1, actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1, [Score=624, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000059430, Actg2, actin, gamma 2, smooth muscle, enteric, [Score=623, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000035783, Acta2, actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta, [Score=623, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000055194, Actbl2, actin, beta-like 2, [Score=622, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000031972, Acta1, actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle, [Score=619, Expect=0.0]} {Dmel: FBgn0000043, Act42A, Actin 42A, [Score=645, Expect=0.0]} {Celegans: WBGene00000065, act-3, Actin-1, [Score=644, Expect=0.0]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, [Score=645, Expect=0.0]} {RNA1509_51084} {SMEDTYPE: Gamma neoblasts [dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, actin, beta (ACTB)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
14. MligTC453_25119 Mlig051465.g2 8.11 MOXD1 Mlig051465.g2 {REF} {Length: 2213} {MligTC453_25119} {TRANSSPLICED} {Pfam: Copper type II ascorbate-dependent monooxygenase, N-terminal domain [PF01082.20, score=92.3]; Copper type II ascorbate-dependent monooxygenase, C-terminal domain [PF03712.15, score=70.6]} {Human: ENSG00000079931, MOXD1, monooxygenase DBH like 1, [Score=120, Expect=5e-28]; ENSG00000123454, DBH, dopamine beta-hydroxylase, [Score=117, Expect=7e-27]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000020000, Moxd1, monooxygenase, DBH-like 1, [Score=135, Expect=5e-33]} {Dmel: FBgn0010329, Tbh, Tyramine beta hydroxylase, [Score=127, Expect=1e-30]} {Celegans: WBGene00006541, tbh-1, Tyramine beta-hydroxylase, [Score=139, Expect=7e-35]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_42610_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_42610_0_1, [Score=118, Expect=8e-29]} {RNA1509_127}
15. MligTC453_20590 Mlig019489.g2 8.1 Mlig019489.g2 {REF} {Length: 1142} {MligTC453_20590} {RNA1509_12742, RNA1509_15995, RNA1509_20075, RNA1509_433, RNA1509_6373, RNA1509_6856, RNA1509_694}
16. MligTC453_20546 Mlig104014.g2 7.98 Xins; Asexual_biased; repression CTSL Mlig104014.g2 {REF} {Length: 2047} {MligTC453_20546} {Pfam: Papain family cysteine protease [PF00112.23, score=268.1]; Peptidase C1-like family [PF03051.15, score=23.9]} {Human: ENSG00000135047, CTSL, cathepsin L, [Score=284, Expect=8e-95]; ENSG00000136943, CTSV, cathepsin V, [Score=275, Expect=2e-91]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000021477, Ctsl, cathepsin L, [Score=275, Expect=1e-91]; ENSMUSG00000042243, BC051665, cDNA sequence BC051665, [Score=270, Expect=2e-89]; ENSMUSG00000056728, Ctsll3, cathepsin L-like 3, [Score=268, Expect=4e-89]} {Dmel: FBgn0013770, Cp1, Cysteine proteinase-1, [Score=313, Expect=2e-106]} {Celegans: WBGene00000776, cpl-1, CathePsin L family, [Score=294, Expect=3e-99]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_48_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_48_0_1, [Score=322, Expect=2e-110]} {RNA1509_81} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Asexual_biased [CUFF.359663.0]} {SMEDTYPE: repression [none]}
17. MligTC453_20589 Mlig108527.g1 7.86 Mlig108527.g1 {REF} {Length: 946} {MligTC453_20589} {RNA1509_20075, RNA1509_21211, RNA1509_34228, RNA1509_8300}
18. MligTC453_35177 Mlig025149.g3, Mlig088464.g1 7.75 Muscle; Xins; Asexual_biased HMCN1

Mlig025149.g3 {REF} {Length: 3077} {MligTC453_35177} {Pfam: von Willebrand factor type A domain [PF13519.6, score=30.0]; von Willebrand factor type A domain [PF00092.28, score=20.2]} {Human: ENSG00000143341, HMCN1, hemicentin 1, [Score=90.5, Expect=8e-20]; ENSG00000148357, HMCN2, hemicentin 2, [Score=88.6, Expect=3e-19]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000066842, Hmcn1, hemicentin 1, [Score=90.1, Expect=7e-20]} {Celegans: WBGene00001863, him-4, Hemicentin; High Incidence of Males (Increased X chromosome loss), [Score=97.8, Expect=8e-23]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1161_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_1161_0_1, [Score=92.8, Expect=4e-21]} {RNA1509_1492, RNA1509_42161, RNA1509_7542} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_1161_0_1, hemicentin 1 (HMCN1)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Asexual_biased [CUFF.176143.0]}

Mlig088464.g1 {REF} {Length: 302} {MligTC453_35177} {NoTransDecoderORF} {RNA1509_9447}
19. MligTC453_38731 Mlig002208.g7, Mlig050881.g1 7.51 Gut; Xins; Sexual_biased AC099489.1

Mlig002208.g7 {REF} {Length: 443} {MligTC453_38731} {Pfam: gag-polyprotein putative aspartyl protease [PF13975.6, score=33.4]; Aspartyl protease [PF13650.6, score=27.6]} {RNA1509_56442}

Mlig050881.g1 {REF} {Length: 21950} {MligTC453_38731} {Pfam: Lipoprotein amino terminal region [PF01347.22, score=254.0]; Domain of unknown function (DUF1943) [PF09172.11, score=213.4]; von Willebrand factor type D domain [PF00094.25, score=64.7]; Domain of Unknown Function (DUF1081) [PF06448.11, score=35.3]; C8 domain [PF08742.11, score=23.5]} {Human: ENSG00000188897, AC099489.1, vitellogenin, [RH, Score=374, Expect=1e-102]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000020609, Apob, apolipoprotein B, [RH, Score=177, Expect=7e-43]} {Dmel: FBgn0032136, Apoltp, Apolipoprotein lipid transfer particle, [RH, Score=304, Expect=2e-81]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_194_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_194_0_1, [RH, Score=538, Expect=2e-152]} {RNA1509_15052, RNA1509_17181, RNA1509_23, RNA1509_3512, RNA1509_4187, RNA1509_42468, RNA1509_4382, RNA1509_7930, RNA1509_9014} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_194_0_1, NA]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.188832.0]}
20. MligTC453_26883 Mlig030226.g2 7.08 Xins Mlig030226.g2 {REF} {Length: 1778} {MligTC453_26883} {Pfam: Zinc-binding domain [PF13695.6, score=85.1]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000033355, Rtp4, receptor transporter protein 4, [RH, Score=60.1, Expect=4e-10]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_4477_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_4477_0_1, [RH, Score=112, Expect=4e-29]} {RNA1509_16534, RNA1509_22217} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
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