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Found 903 results for log2(CutG2M/CutG1) <= -1 and fdr <= 0.05. Showing entries 1-20.

Graph Cluster Transcripts Mean logCPM Classification Smed/Human type Human gene Annotation
1. MligTC453_46700 Mlig017017.g10 8.66 Mlig017017.g10 {REF} {Length: 1148} {MligTC453_46700} {RNA1509_570}
2. MligTC453_41881 Mlig029904.g1 8.45


Mlig029904.g1 {REF} {Length: 1328} {MligTC453_41881} {RNA1509_1153, RNA1509_119, RNA1509_132, RNA1509_2899, RNA1509_4374, RNA1509_493, RNA1509_5617, RNA1509_6040, RNA1509_8295}
3. MligTC453_45976 Mlig027932.g1 8.21 Gamma neoblasts; Xins ACTG1 Mlig027932.g1 {REF} {Length: 1596} {MligTC453_45976} {Pfam: Actin [PF00022.19, score=428.5]} {Human: ENSG00000184009, ACTG1, actin gamma 1, [Score=644, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000075624, ACTB, actin beta, [Score=642, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000159251, ACTC1, actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1, [Score=624, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000107796, ACTA2, actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta, [Score=623, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000163017, ACTG2, actin, gamma 2, smooth muscle, enteric, [Score=623, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000169067, ACTBL2, actin, beta like 2, [Score=620, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000143632, ACTA1, actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle, [Score=619, Expect=0.0]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000062825, Actg1, actin, gamma, cytoplasmic 1, [Score=644, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000029580, Actb, actin, beta, [Score=642, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000068614, Actc1, actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1, [Score=624, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000059430, Actg2, actin, gamma 2, smooth muscle, enteric, [Score=623, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000035783, Acta2, actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta, [Score=623, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000055194, Actbl2, actin, beta-like 2, [Score=622, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000031972, Acta1, actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle, [Score=619, Expect=0.0]} {Dmel: FBgn0000043, Act42A, Actin 42A, [Score=645, Expect=0.0]} {Celegans: WBGene00000065, act-3, Actin-1, [Score=644, Expect=0.0]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, [Score=645, Expect=0.0]} {RNA1509_51084} {SMEDTYPE: Gamma neoblasts [dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, actin, beta (ACTB)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
4. MligTC453_61283 Mlig002479.g3 8.05 Mlig002479.g3 {REF} {Length: 538} {MligTC453_61283} {TRANSSPLICED} {RNA1509_10341, RNA1509_11051, RNA1509_14185, RNA1509_14995, RNA1509_7451}
5. MligTC453_35443 Mlig028529.g3 7.81


Mlig028529.g3 {REF} {Length: 884} {MligTC453_35443} {Pfam: EF-hand domain [PF13405.6, score=28.2]; EF hand [PF00036.32, score=26.3]; EF hand [PF13202.6, score=24.3]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13499.6, score=23.3]} {RNA1509_194, RNA1509_2542, RNA1509_298, RNA1509_3622, RNA1509_5486, RNA1509_5624}
6. MligTC453_34192 Mlig033649.g7 7.77 Mlig033649.g7 {REF} {Length: 1256} {MligTC453_34192} {RNA1509_3560, RNA1509_36840, RNA1509_4845, RNA1509_7701}
7. MligTC453_10569 Mlig029205.g4 7.69 Mlig029205.g4 {REF} {Length: 940} {MligTC453_10569} {RNA1509_13983, RNA1509_16346, RNA1509_1747}
8. MligTC453_46705 Mlig017017.g5 7.67 Mlig017017.g5 {REF} {Length: 979} {MligTC453_46705} {RNA1509_570}
9. MligTC453_20583 Mlig016302.g5 7.63 Muscle; Xins; Sexual_biased; self-renewal; repression TAGLN3 Mlig016302.g5 {REF} {Length: 1507} {MligTC453_20583} {Pfam: Calponin homology (CH) domain [PF00307.31, score=81.7]; Calponin family repeat [PF00402.18, score=41.7]} {Human: ENSG00000144834, TAGLN3, transgelin 3, [Score=139, Expect=4e-41]; ENSG00000117519, CNN3, calponin 3, [Score=138, Expect=1e-39]; ENSG00000158710, TAGLN2, transgelin 2, [Score=137, Expect=2e-40]; ENSG00000064666, CNN2, calponin 2, [Score=134, Expect=2e-38]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000022658, Tagln3, transgelin 3, [Score=138, Expect=4e-41]; ENSMUSG00000053931, Cnn3, calponin 3, acidic, [Score=138, Expect=1e-39]; ENSMUSG00000026547, Tagln2, transgelin 2, [Score=136, Expect=2e-40]; ENSMUSG00000004665, Cnn2, calponin 2, [Score=136, Expect=3e-39]; ENSMUSG00000001349, Cnn1, calponin 1, [Score=132, Expect=2e-38]} {Dmel: FBgn0002789, Mp20, Muscle protein 20, [RH, Score=203, Expect=5e-67]} {Celegans: WBGene00000777, cpn-1, CPN-1; CalPoNin, [Score=129, Expect=4e-38]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1512_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_1512_0_1, [RH, Score=290, Expect=2e-101]} {RNA1509_30618, RNA1509_3235, RNA1509_49099, RNA1509_555} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_1512_0_1, transgelin 3 (TAGLN3)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.590805.0]} {SMEDTYPE: self-renewal [16]} {SMEDTYPE: repression [10]}
10. MligTC453_29253 Mlig014985.g1 7.62 Mlig014985.g1 {REF} {Length: 2999} {MligTC453_29253} {RNA1509_56361}
11. MligTC453_46703 Mlig017017.g20 7.52 Mlig017017.g20 {REF} {Length: 1077} {MligTC453_46703} {RNA1509_570}
12. MligTC453_38731 Mlig002208.g7, Mlig050881.g1 7.51 Gut; Xins; Sexual_biased AC099489.1

Mlig002208.g7 {REF} {Length: 443} {MligTC453_38731} {Pfam: gag-polyprotein putative aspartyl protease [PF13975.6, score=33.4]; Aspartyl protease [PF13650.6, score=27.6]} {RNA1509_56442}

Mlig050881.g1 {REF} {Length: 21950} {MligTC453_38731} {Pfam: Lipoprotein amino terminal region [PF01347.22, score=254.0]; Domain of unknown function (DUF1943) [PF09172.11, score=213.4]; von Willebrand factor type D domain [PF00094.25, score=64.7]; Domain of Unknown Function (DUF1081) [PF06448.11, score=35.3]; C8 domain [PF08742.11, score=23.5]} {Human: ENSG00000188897, AC099489.1, vitellogenin, [RH, Score=374, Expect=1e-102]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000020609, Apob, apolipoprotein B, [RH, Score=177, Expect=7e-43]} {Dmel: FBgn0032136, Apoltp, Apolipoprotein lipid transfer particle, [RH, Score=304, Expect=2e-81]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_194_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_194_0_1, [RH, Score=538, Expect=2e-152]} {RNA1509_15052, RNA1509_17181, RNA1509_23, RNA1509_3512, RNA1509_4187, RNA1509_42468, RNA1509_4382, RNA1509_7930, RNA1509_9014} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_194_0_1, NA]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.188832.0]}
13. MligTC453_29970 Mlig026050.g3 7.5


Mlig026050.g3 {REF} {Length: 1293} {MligTC453_29970} {RNA1509_12693, RNA1509_2349, RNA1509_26698, RNA1509_2757, RNA1509_3926, RNA1509_5702, RNA1509_930}
14. MligTC453_41511 Mlig001427.g14 7.47 Mlig001427.g14 {REF} {Length: 1991} {MligTC453_41511} {RNA1509_466, RNA1509_6596, RNA1509_9666}
15. MligTC453_48500 Mlig032370.g3 7.46 Mlig032370.g3 {REF} {Length: 874} {MligTC453_48500} {RNA1509_23190, RNA1509_31800}
16. MligTC453_51489 Mlig023125.g1, Mlig023125.g3 7.42 Xins SLC25A24

Mlig023125.g1 {REF} {Length: 941} {MligTC453_51489} {RNA1509_679}

Mlig023125.g3 {REF} {Length: 867} {MligTC453_51489} {Pfam: EF hand [PF00036.32, score=53.3]; EF hand [PF13202.6, score=52.5]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13499.6, score=51.6]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13833.6, score=45.0]; EF-hand domain [PF13405.6, score=43.5]; Secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine Ca binding region [PF10591.9, score=26.0]} {Human: ENSG00000085491, SLC25A24, solute carrier family 25 member 24, [Score=48.5, Expect=7e-08]; ENSG00000284468, SLC25A24, solute carrier family 25 member 24, [Score=48.5, Expect=7e-08]; ENSG00000114854, TNNC1, troponin C1, slow skeletal and cardiac type, [Score=47.4, Expect=8e-08]; ENSG00000197694, SPTAN1, spectrin alpha, non-erythrocytic 1, [Score=46.2, Expect=4e-07]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000091898, Tnnc1, troponin C, cardiac/slow skeletal, [Score=47.8, Expect=4e-08]; ENSMUSG00000057738, Sptan1, spectrin alpha, non-erythrocytic 1, [Score=46.2, Expect=3e-07]} {Dmel: FBgn0250789, alpha-Spec, alpha Spectrin, [Score=46.6, Expect=1e-07]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_11874_0_2, dd_Smed_v6_11874_0_2, [Score=47.0, Expect=7e-08]} {RNA1509_10992, RNA1509_2519, RNA1509_679} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
17. MligTC453_26732 Mlig019266.g3 7.01 Muscle; Xins; Asexual_biased MYL12B Mlig019266.g3 {REF} {Length: 2796} {MligTC453_26732} {Pfam: EF-hand domain pair [PF13499.6, score=55.0]; EF-hand domain [PF13405.6, score=47.5]; EF hand [PF00036.32, score=37.9]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13833.6, score=31.4]; Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0154) [PF03672.13, score=29.5]; EF hand [PF13202.6, score=22.8]; EF-hand domain [PF08976.11, score=20.3]; SurA N-terminal domain [PF13623.6, score=19.7]} {Human: ENSG00000118680, MYL12B, myosin light chain 12B, [Score=193, Expect=2e-63]; ENSG00000101608, MYL12A, myosin light chain 12A, [Score=191, Expect=1e-62]; ENSG00000101335, MYL9, myosin light chain 9, [Score=188, Expect=3e-61]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000117098, AC154187.2, novel protein, [Score=193, Expect=1e-63]; ENSMUSG00000034868, Myl12b, myosin, light chain 12B, regulatory, [Score=193, Expect=1e-63]; ENSMUSG00000024048, Myl12a, myosin, light chain 12A, regulatory, non-sarcomeric, [Score=190, Expect=2e-62]; ENSMUSG00000067818, Myl9, myosin, light polypeptide 9, regulatory, [Score=188, Expect=2e-61]} {Dmel: FBgn0003514, sqh, spaghetti squash, [Score=191, Expect=9e-63]} {Celegans: WBGene00003372, mlc-4, Myosin regulatory light chain, [Score=188, Expect=8e-62]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_445_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_445_0_1, [RH, Score=264, Expect=6e-92]} {RNA1509_11188, RNA1509_12073, RNA1509_23124, RNA1509_576, RNA1509_57784} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_445_0_1, unknown]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Asexual_biased [CUFF.673869.0]}
18. MligTC453_44815 Mlig012890.g2 7.01 WSCD2 Mlig012890.g2 {REF} {Length: 1061} {MligTC453_44815} {Pfam: WSC domain [PF01822.19, score=91.5]} {Human: ENSG00000075035, WSCD2, WSC domain containing 2, [Score=53.5, Expect=8e-08]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000063430, Wscd2, WSC domain containing 2, [Score=52.4, Expect=1e-07]} {Dmel: FBgn0046685, Wsck, [Score=47.8, Expect=3e-06]} {RNA1509_1090, RNA1509_20083, RNA1509_49278, RNA1509_73, RNA1509_74, RNA1509_8951}
19. MligTC453_47337 Mlig031539.g3 6.98 Muscle; Xins; Asexual_biased; repression CALU Mlig031539.g3 {REF} {Length: 1777} {MligTC453_47337} {Pfam: EF hand [PF00036.32, score=79.0]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13499.6, score=73.7]; EF hand [PF13202.6, score=67.0]; EF-hand domain [PF13405.6, score=59.3]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13833.6, score=44.5]} {Human: ENSG00000128595, CALU, calumenin, [Score=158, Expect=3e-45]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000029767, Calu, calumenin, [Score=159, Expect=1e-45]} {Dmel: FBgn0025682, scf, supercoiling factor, [Score=167, Expect=8e-49]} {Celegans: WBGene00019760, calu-1, CALUmenin (Calcium-binding protein) homolog; Calumenin-like protein, [Score=184, Expect=8e-56]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_990_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_990_0_1, [Score=152, Expect=2e-43]} {RNA1509_1603} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_990_0_1, calumenin (CALU)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Asexual_biased [CUFF.77711.0]} {SMEDTYPE: repression [24]}
20. MligTC453_19249 Mlig008566.g5 6.84


ERICH1 Mlig008566.g5 {REF} {Length: 2257} {MligTC453_19249} {Human: ENSG00000104714, ERICH1, glutamate rich 1, [Score=49.3, Expect=1e-05]} {RNA1509_269}
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