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Found 1251 results for log2(Irr12h/Irr0h) >= 1 and fdr <= 0.05. Showing entries 1-20.

Graph Cluster Transcripts Mean logCPM Classification Smed/Human type Human gene Annotation
1. MligTC453_05322 Mlig021791.g2 9.18 Gut; Xins HPGDS Mlig021791.g2 {REF} {Length: 1344} {MligTC453_05322} {TRANSSPLICED} {Pfam: Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain [PF14497.6, score=61.7]; Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain [PF02798.20, score=30.5]; Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain [PF00043.25, score=22.5]} {Human: ENSG00000163106, HPGDS, hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase, [RH, Score=104, Expect=2e-27]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000029919, Hpgds, hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase, [RH, Score=90.5, Expect=2e-22]} {Celegans: WBGene00001759, gst-11, Glutathione S-Transferase, [Score=98.2, Expect=1e-25]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_20_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_20_0_1, [Score=176, Expect=4e-56]} {RNA1509_1453, RNA1509_20209, RNA1509_21721, RNA1509_2315, RNA1509_2503, RNA1509_26173, RNA1509_28962, RNA1509_31321, RNA1509_52612} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_20_0_1, glutathione S transferase-1]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
2. MligTC453_62039 Mlig015241.g1 8.8 AHCY Mlig015241.g1 {REF} {Length: 2026} {MligTC453_62039} {Pfam: S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase [PF05221.17, score=452.5]; S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase, NAD binding domain [PF00670.21, score=268.4]; D-isomer specific 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain [PF02826.19, score=34.5]; Acetohydroxy acid isomeroreductase, NADPH-binding domain [PF07991.12, score=26.1]; Putative NAD(P)-binding [PF13241.6, score=19.9]} {Human: ENSG00000101444, AHCY, adenosylhomocysteinase, [RH, Score=683, Expect=0.0]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000048087, Gm4737, predicted gene 4737, [RH, Score=676, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000027597, Ahcy, S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase, [RH, Score=676, Expect=0.0]} {Dmel: FBgn0014455, Ahcy, Adenosylhomocysteinase, [RH, Score=717, Expect=0.0]} {Celegans: WBGene00019322, ahcy-1, Adenosylhomocysteinase, [RH, Score=723, Expect=0.0]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_526_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_526_0_1, [RH, Score=743, Expect=0.0]} {RNA1509_1247, RNA1509_1422, RNA1509_1799, RNA1509_255}
3. MligTC453_07101 Mlig030288.g2 8.32 X1; Sexual_biased FTH1 Mlig030288.g2 {REF} {Length: 997} {MligTC453_07101} {TRANSSPLICED} {Pfam: Ferritin-like domain [PF00210.24, score=136.5]; Rubrerythrin [PF02915.17, score=21.7]} {Human: ENSG00000167996, FTH1, ferritin heavy chain 1, [RH, Score=215, Expect=2e-71]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000024661, Fth1, ferritin heavy polypeptide 1, [RH, Score=212, Expect=2e-70]; ENSMUSG00000024510, Ftmt, ferritin mitochondrial, [RH, Score=212, Expect=2e-69]} {Dmel: FBgn0030449, Fer3HCH, Ferritin 3 heavy chain homologue, [RH, Score=166, Expect=2e-52]} {Celegans: WBGene00001501, ftn-2, Ferritin, [RH, Score=208, Expect=2e-69]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_3974_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_3974_0_1, [RH, Score=246, Expect=3e-84]} {RNA1509_13329, RNA1509_18215, RNA1509_22311, RNA1509_2290, RNA1509_31430, RNA1509_821} {SMEDTYPE: X1 [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.79497.0]}
4. MligTC453_20099 Mlig010873.g4 8.13 Epidermal lineage (early + late + mature); X2 Mlig010873.g4 {REF} {Length: 1914} {MligTC453_20099} {Pfam: Dynein light chain type 1 [PF01221.18, score=53.2]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13499.6, score=32.7]; EF hand [PF00036.32, score=32.2]; EF-hand domain [PF13405.6, score=27.8]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13833.6, score=24.6]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1881_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_1881_0_1, [Score=95.1, Expect=5e-25]} {RNA1509_3609, RNA1509_3840} {SMEDTYPE: Epidermal lineage (early + late + mature) [dd_Smed_v6_1881_0_1, NA]} {SMEDTYPE: X2 [raj_facs_types]}
5. MligTC453_26883 Mlig030226.g2 7.08 Xins Mlig030226.g2 {REF} {Length: 1778} {MligTC453_26883} {Pfam: Zinc-binding domain [PF13695.6, score=85.1]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000033355, Rtp4, receptor transporter protein 4, [RH, Score=60.1, Expect=4e-10]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_4477_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_4477_0_1, [RH, Score=112, Expect=4e-29]} {RNA1509_16534, RNA1509_22217} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
6. MligTC453_59103 Mlig001154.g8 7.08 NXN Mlig001154.g8 {REF} {Length: 747} {MligTC453_59103} {Pfam: Thioredoxin-like [PF13905.6, score=97.3]; Redoxin [PF08534.10, score=58.5]; AhpC/TSA family [PF00578.21, score=48.3]; Thioredoxin [PF00085.20, score=42.8]; Thioredoxin-like domain [PF13098.6, score=33.2]; Thioredoxin [PF14595.6, score=21.8]; Thioredoxin-like [PF13899.6, score=21.4]} {Human: ENSG00000167693, NXN, nucleoredoxin, [RH, Score=91.7, Expect=5e-22]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000020844, Nxn, nucleoredoxin, [RH, Score=93.2, Expect=2e-22]} {Celegans: WBGene00020613, T20D4.7, [RH, Score=121, Expect=1e-35]} {RNA1509_17746, RNA1509_2823, RNA1509_9863}
7. MligTC453_52551 Mlig018335.g4 6.99 Mlig018335.g4 {REF} {Length: 1648} {MligTC453_52551} {TRANSSPLICED} {RNA1509_10112}
8. MligTC453_47337 Mlig031539.g3 6.98 Muscle; Xins; Asexual_biased; repression CALU Mlig031539.g3 {REF} {Length: 1777} {MligTC453_47337} {Pfam: EF hand [PF00036.32, score=79.0]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13499.6, score=73.7]; EF hand [PF13202.6, score=67.0]; EF-hand domain [PF13405.6, score=59.3]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13833.6, score=44.5]} {Human: ENSG00000128595, CALU, calumenin, [Score=158, Expect=3e-45]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000029767, Calu, calumenin, [Score=159, Expect=1e-45]} {Dmel: FBgn0025682, scf, supercoiling factor, [Score=167, Expect=8e-49]} {Celegans: WBGene00019760, calu-1, CALUmenin (Calcium-binding protein) homolog; Calumenin-like protein, [Score=184, Expect=8e-56]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_990_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_990_0_1, [Score=152, Expect=2e-43]} {RNA1509_1603} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_990_0_1, calumenin (CALU)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Asexual_biased [CUFF.77711.0]} {SMEDTYPE: repression [24]}
9. MligTC453_26882 Mlig033475.g1 6.91 Xins Mlig033475.g1 {REF} {Length: 2665} {MligTC453_26882} {Pfam: Zinc-binding domain [PF13695.6, score=85.2]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000033355, Rtp4, receptor transporter protein 4, [RH, Score=60.5, Expect=4e-10]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_4477_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_4477_0_1, [RH, Score=112, Expect=2e-29]} {RNA1509_2735} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
10. MligTC453_50410 Mlig114350.g1 6.9 Mlig114350.g1 {REF} {Length: 1156} {MligTC453_50410} {Pfam: Dynein light chain type 1 [PF01221.18, score=61.5]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_16781_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_16781_0_1, [Score=49.3, Expect=3e-09]} {RNA1509_13892, RNA1509_4480}
11. MligTC453_29407 Mlig075961.g3 6.82 repression PAPSS1 Mlig075961.g3 {REF} {Length: 3952} {MligTC453_29407} {TRANSSPLICED} {Pfam: Adenylylsulphate kinase [PF01583.20, score=182.0]; ATP-sulfurylase [PF01747.17, score=141.2]; PUA-like domain [PF14306.6, score=131.6]; AAA domain [PF13671.6, score=19.7]} {Human: ENSG00000138801, PAPSS1, 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate synthase 1, [Score=602, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000198682, PAPSS2, 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate synthase 2, [Score=601, Expect=0.0]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000028032, Papss1, 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate synthase 1, [Score=602, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000024899, Papss2, 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate synthase 2, [Score=601, Expect=0.0]} {Dmel: FBgn0020389, Papss, PAPS synthetase, [Score=579, Expect=0.0]} {Celegans: WBGene00004091, pps-1, 3'-Phosphoadenosine 5'-Phosphosulfate Synthetase, [Score=521, Expect=5e-180]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_2536_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_2536_0_1, [Score=560, Expect=0.0]} {RNA1509_14633} {SMEDTYPE: repression [16]}
12. MligTC453_49142 Mlig011013.g1 6.78 X1; Sexual_biased FTH1 Mlig011013.g1 {REF} {Length: 1130} {MligTC453_49142} {Pfam: Ferritin-like domain [PF00210.24, score=126.6]} {Human: ENSG00000167996, FTH1, ferritin heavy chain 1, [Score=194, Expect=1e-63]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000024510, Ftmt, ferritin mitochondrial, [Score=191, Expect=1e-61]; ENSMUSG00000024661, Fth1, ferritin heavy polypeptide 1, [Score=189, Expect=2e-61]} {Dmel: FBgn0030449, Fer3HCH, Ferritin 3 heavy chain homologue, [Score=156, Expect=1e-48]} {Celegans: WBGene00001500, ftn-1, Ferritin, [RH, Score=191, Expect=9e-63]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_3974_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_3974_0_1, [Score=204, Expect=4e-68]} {RNA1509_14648, RNA1509_2149, RNA1509_3463, RNA1509_39981} {SMEDTYPE: X1 [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.79497.0]}
13. MligTC453_23211 Mlig011114.g3 6.75 Mlig011114.g3 {REF} {Length: 958} {MligTC453_23211} {RNA1509_18818, RNA1509_2004, RNA1509_51734, RNA1509_9299}
14. MligTC453_57918 Mlig013239.g2 6.69 Mlig013239.g2 {REF} {Length: 2029} {MligTC453_57918} {Pfam: Fic/DOC family [PF02661.18, score=42.6]} {RNA1509_10074, RNA1509_23075, RNA1509_3461, RNA1509_38556}
15. MligTC453_65169 Mlig026320.g31, Mlig026320.g29 6.44 Gut; Xins EPHX4

Mlig026320.g31 {REF} {Length: 1330} {MligTC453_65169} {NoTransDecoderORF}

Mlig026320.g29 {REF} {Length: 3914} {MligTC453_65169} {Pfam: alpha/beta hydrolase fold [PF00561.20, score=85.8]; Alpha/beta hydrolase family [PF12697.7, score=75.1]; Serine aminopeptidase, S33 [PF12146.8, score=56.7]; Ndr family [PF03096.14, score=18.5]} {Human: ENSG00000172031, EPHX4, epoxide hydrolase 4, [RH, Score=253, Expect=4e-81]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000033805, Ephx4, epoxide hydrolase 4, [RH, Score=241, Expect=2e-76]} {Dmel: FBgn0035951, CG5068, [Score=49.3, Expect=3e-06]} {Celegans: WBGene00019329, ceeh-1, Epoxide hydrolase 1, [RH, Score=233, Expect=4e-73]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_2011_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_2011_0_1, [RH, Score=255, Expect=2e-82]} {RNA1509_11302, RNA1509_15300, RNA1509_39919, RNA1509_5083, RNA1509_5947, RNA1509_8728} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_2011_0_1, epoxide hydrolase 4 (EPHX4)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
16. MligTC453_49820 Mlig066109.g1 6.41 X1; Sexual_biased FTH1 Mlig066109.g1 {REF} {Length: 1874} {MligTC453_49820} {Pfam: Ferritin-like domain [PF00210.24, score=129.4]; Rubrerythrin [PF02915.17, score=19.7]} {Human: ENSG00000167996, FTH1, ferritin heavy chain 1, [Score=196, Expect=2e-64]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000024510, Ftmt, ferritin mitochondrial, [Score=191, Expect=1e-61]; ENSMUSG00000024661, Fth1, ferritin heavy polypeptide 1, [Score=191, Expect=3e-62]} {Dmel: FBgn0030449, Fer3HCH, Ferritin 3 heavy chain homologue, [Score=155, Expect=3e-48]} {Celegans: WBGene00001500, ftn-1, Ferritin, [RH, Score=191, Expect=5e-63]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_3974_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_3974_0_1, [Score=206, Expect=1e-68]} {RNA1509_1457} {SMEDTYPE: X1 [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.79497.0]}
17. MligTC453_28557 Mlig013267.g4 6.36 Xins; Sexual_biased CALR Mlig013267.g4 {REF} {Length: 2439} {MligTC453_28557} {Pfam: Calreticulin family [PF00262.18, score=289.6]} {Human: ENSG00000179218, CALR, calreticulin, [RH, Score=498, Expect=5e-176]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000003814, Calr, calreticulin, [RH, Score=498, Expect=6e-176]} {Dmel: FBgn0005585, Calr, Calreticulin, [RH, Score=499, Expect=1e-176]} {Celegans: WBGene00000802, crt-1, Calreticulin, [RH, Score=468, Expect=7e-165]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_220_0_4, dd_Smed_v6_220_0_4, [RH, Score=558, Expect=0.0]} {RNA1509_19467, RNA1509_25527, RNA1509_27326, RNA1509_4211} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.88366.0]}
18. MligTC453_19564 Mlig028896.g3 6.3 Xins RAC2 Mlig028896.g3 {REF} {Length: 2729} {MligTC453_19564} {Pfam: Ras family [PF00071.22, score=187.7]; Ras of Complex, Roc, domain of DAPkinase [PF08477.13, score=81.0]; ADP-ribosylation factor family [PF00025.21, score=32.1]} {Human: ENSG00000128340, RAC2, Rac family small GTPase 2, [RH, Score=354, Expect=4e-126]; ENSG00000136238, RAC1, Rac family small GTPase 1, [RH, Score=350, Expect=1e-124]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000033220, Rac2, Rac family small GTPase 2, [RH, Score=355, Expect=1e-126]; ENSMUSG00000001847, Rac1, Rac family small GTPase 1, [RH, Score=350, Expect=1e-124]} {Dmel: FBgn0010333, Rac1, [RH, Score=348, Expect=6e-124]} {Celegans: WBGene00000424, ced-10, Ras-related protein ced-10, [Score=334, Expect=9e-119]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_610_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_610_0_1, [RH, Score=322, Expect=4e-114]} {RNA1509_13909, RNA1509_21177, RNA1509_34146, RNA1509_36189, RNA1509_763} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
19. MligTC453_47439 Mlig014611.g3 6.27

 Int S/G2/M 

 S/G2/M, no gonads 


SKP1 Mlig014611.g3 {REF} {Length: 764} {MligTC453_47439} {TRANSSPLICED} {Pfam: Skp1 family, dimerisation domain [PF01466.19, score=95.6]; Skp1 family, tetramerisation domain [PF03931.15, score=93.1]} {Human: ENSG00000113558, SKP1, S-phase kinase associated protein 1, [Score=253, Expect=3e-87]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000036309, Skp1a, S-phase kinase-associated protein 1A, [Score=253, Expect=3e-87]} {Dmel: FBgn0025637, SkpA, SKP1-related A, [Score=241, Expect=9e-83]} {Celegans: WBGene00004807, skr-1, Skp1-related protein, [RH, Score=221, Expect=9e-75]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1337_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_1337_0_1, [Score=252, Expect=2e-87]} {RNA1509_2031}
20. MligTC453_65294 Mlig017608.g1 6.26 Mlig017608.g1 {REF} {Length: 1115} {MligTC453_65294} {RNA1509_16825, RNA1509_20241, RNA1509_31277, RNA1509_40483, RNA1509_410, RNA1509_7504}
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